Monday, October 30, 2017

Naches Wedding at American Homestead // Marlene + Rusty Ozanich

Fall Color Wedding

Keith and Sasha photographed this delightful fall wedding on October 14th at American Homestead in Naches. Marlene and Rusty were the two love birds for this special occasion! This couple was very entertaining to spend the day alongside. While we were taking photos together Rusty was being such a hoot. He wanted to get down on one knee and act like he was proposing again for a photo...even though it was their wedding day. He sure knew how to make his bride laugh!

Marlene and Rusty were all about keeping things simple, but FUN. They chose not to have a traditional cake, but instead had a table full of delicious dessert treats. They also didn't do a bouquet or garter toss. Lori Osborn with Blooming Elegance crafted gorgeous bouquets for the ladies!

The best man mentioned Rusty finding someone who is as funny as he is and can keep up with his hilarious one-liners. The bridesmaids were also laughing at Marlene's one-liners. They were cracking up at a list one of the bridesmaids had on her phone with a few one-liners. Just one of the many reasons they were meant to be together!

Cascade Catering made a delicious meal for the evening. Ashleigh Krueger and her team always do a wonderful job! Everyone was on their feet at some point throughout the night joining the Bride and Groom as Good Vibrations played rocking music to dance to! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ozanich!

The photos below are some of the highlights of the day. Click HERE to view ALL of the edited wedding images - available 4 weeks after the wedding!

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This Couple's Naches Wedding Vendors:
 Naches Ceremony & Reception Venue: American Homestead
 Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Lori Osborn at Blooming Elegance
DJ: Jon Hede at Good Vibrations
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Soneya at Saol Salon
Wedding Dress: Celestial Selections
Catering: Ashleigh Krueger at Cascade Catering
Wedding Planner: Kathy Forgey at American Homestead

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Yakima Wedding at Cascade Garden // Danielle + Josh Hassanin

Teal and Copper Wedding

Tavis and Amy photographed this wedding on October 15th at Cascade Garden in Yakima. This teal and copper day was centered around Danielle and Josh as they joined together in marriage. These two met when she was working as a barista and he came in for his green apple Red Bull...she was actually kinda rude to him because she was trying to close the coffee bar. It still made an impression on him! He later found her on social media, messaged her, and the rest is history!

Danielle's wedding ring and necklace were absolutely beautiful and unique. They are from the Le Vian collection, and were to die for! David's Bridal provided a gorgeous strapless gown for her. The bridesmaids, Loegan, BreAnn, and Tamara looked great in their teal dresses also from David's Bridal! The groom's daughter, Brooklyn, had a HUGE teal tutu that she was very proud of. It was so adorable! The Groom looked handsome in his suit from Men's Warehouse. Alongside him were Kiel, Jayden, and Ben who rocked it as the groomsmen!

A funny part of the day was when they did their grand entrance. They sure came in with a BOOM! The doors flew open so fast they slammed into the wall making a memorable crash to get everyone's attention as they walked in. We thought this was just charming: Josh wrote a special note for his Bride on the bottom of her shoes. They both admitted during the shoelywed game that he is the more romantic one.

Dinner was super delicious from Twisted Sisters. Who doesn't enjoy fresh made paninis? The reception was led by Big Ern Productions as the DJ. He is the best for music choices during the special reception activities! This was a beautiful day to capture, and we are so thankful to have been given this opportunity! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hassanin!

This Couple's Yakima Wedding Vendors:
 Yakima Ceremony & Reception Venue: Cascade Garden
 Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Kameo Flower Shop
Makeup: Hannah Bryan
Hair: Westend Salon in Yakima
DJ: Big Ern Productions
Wedding Dress: David's Bridal
Cake: Cake Kiss
Catering: Twisted Sisters
Wedding Planner: Eileen Weresch of Cascade Garden

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Yakima Wedding at Apple Tree // Jasmine + Joshua Engelbrecht

Berry and Navy Wedding

Tavis and I photographed this wedding between Jasmine and Josh on October 14th with the ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral in Yakima. Jasmine has a long line of knowing monsignor Ecker at St. Paul's Cathedral in Yakima. He knew her dad as a little boy! It was perfect that Jasmine was able to marry her best friend in the church at St. Paul's. Following the ceremony, their reception was held at the Apple Tree Resort.

Jasmine has such a fun and unique style. She LOVES textures, which was evident once we saw her wedding shoes with lots of textures and layers. Her guestbook was also a fun combination of paper layers, pictures, and textures! Jasmine wore a Juliet veil and her hair piece brought the whole look together. Once photo time came, we had so much fun with them out on the golf course at Apple Tree.

One thing is for sure, Jasmine's sister, Whitney, had EVERYONE laughing (and crying laughter tears) during her toast at the reception. She told the story of how this couple met, with lots of her own commentary. Jasmine was on a train ride going across the states to the east coast. She met Josh ON the train...the first day of the rest of their lives! Josh also added that soon after that, he told grandparents he was going to marry that girl. And so he did! Josh is from Illinois, so it was special having all of the family together in one place.

When the reception started and I heard this amazingly low low LOW voice of the MC announcing things like it was a movie trailer, I knew it was going to be a good night. The music by Design Band was THE BEST wedding band I have ever heard. When the dancing started it wasn't simply background was like attending a concert that everyone wanted to be a part of. They had all of the guests on their feet dancing and having the time of their lives. He was even walking around with a microphone having guests sing along. Like I said, hands down the most memorable and fun wedding band experience!

We had a wonderful time getting to know the Bride and Groom. Their love for one another is truly beautiful! They are both very easy going, always ready to have fun, and very much in love. The entire day was full of positive vibes and lots of love from everyone. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Engelbrecht! Thank you for choosing us to capture your monumental day!

This Couple's Yakima Wedding Vendors:
 Yakima Ceremony Venue: St Paul's Cathedral
 Yakima Reception Venue: Apple Tree
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Kameo Flower Shop
DJ: Design Band
Wedding Dress: Unforgettable
Cake: Christie's Cakes
Catering: Apple Tree
Wedding Planner: Mary Marquis at Apple Tree

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Naches Wedding at American Homestead // Ashley + Branden Johnson

Blush, Peach and Gold Wedding

"Branden, You don't just cross my mind everyday, you live in it. When I first met you I honestly didn't know you were going to be this important to me. Now I find myself everyday wondering how I ever lived without you. Because of you I can feel myself becoming the me I have always dreamed of being. I promise to be true to you, to uplift and support you always. I promise to fiercely love you and to share with you all the beautiful moments of this life. I promise to be the wife you deserve, and to never forget this is a once in a life time love. I choose you in tears and in laughter, in sickness and in health from this day forward." - Ashley's vows

Tavis and I photographed this wedding on September 30th at American Homestead in Naches. Ashley and Branden were some of the most sincere, considerate, and loving individuals. Together, these two were nothing short of perfect. Being a witness of their love on this spectacular day was phenomenal.

The two love birds have known each other for a long time. Since middle school actually! There are not many couples who can say they have known each other that long. It just adds to the crazy adventures! During the toasts we heard many stories that started out with,"Ashley wasn't all that sure about Branden at first". Her maid of honor, Vanessa, as well as her father, John, shared that once they went on a first date, the rest was history. Every minute has prepared these two for the moment they walked down the aisle as one. Lance, Branden's father, made an emotional can truly tell how proud he is of his son. However, over all he has accomplished, Lance said this day was the most proud he has ever been. *Cue the tears*.

Belu Salon did a fabulous job styling Ashley's hair and makeup. Their studio is absolutely beautiful, and very ideal for the ladies! Can we talk about how STUNNING the Bride's dress was? The strapless ball gown from Fashion Corner was perfect on Ashley. The entirety of guests agreed! Honestly, Branden's reaction to their first look was so touching. All the feels...!

"You may now kiss the Bride" was just the beginning of a lifetime spent together for Ashley and Branden. We were blessed by the opportunity to be involved with such an incredible day and family! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Johnson! The wedding and honeymoon may be over now but the best is yet to come :)

The photos below are some of the highlights of the day. Click HERE to view ALL of the edited wedding images - available 4 weeks after the wedding!

This Couple's Naches Wedding Vendors:
 Naches Ceremony & Reception Venue: American Homestead
 Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Costco
DJ: Entertainment Plus
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Belu Salon
Wedding Dress: Fashion Corner
Catering: Cascade Catering

Wedding Photography at American Homestead
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