Monday, June 18, 2018

Prosser Wedding at Airfield Estates // Amanda + John Zabell

Gold, Navy and Rose Wedding

Tavis and Amy photographed this wedding on May 12th at Airfield Estates, located in Prosser. It felt like a little getaway, but wasn't too far from Yakima! The venue was absolutely perfect for Amanda and John's wedding day! The whole atmosphere was dreamy. They had an awesome wine barrel backdrop at the reception...not to mention the romantic feel put in place from all the string lights and many candles throughout!

The Bride and Groom have been together for six years. They have two beautiful daughters, Aubree, age four, and Reagan, age three. You could tell Aubree and Reagan were loving being the flower girls. They even had matching dresses! The family was so darling. Speaking of family, instead of having a wedding cake, different families made pies for dessert! The homemade pies were displayed so lovely on two ladders and wood tables in between.

Saundra, Kayla and Raelyn, Amanda's sisters, were all included in the bridal party. Along with Laura, her best friend. I love when the bridesmaids are willing to do whatever for the Bride. The girls had fuzzy socks with their bridal role on the bottom. It was awesome! They were so fun to spend the day with! John had his brother, Davey, and friends, Jason, Cole and Butch as his groomsmen. This bridal party was just a blast! Saundra's son, Wyatt, age three, was the ring bearer and as he walked down the aisle, he covered his eyes to block to sun. It was adorable!

My two favorite quotes of the day were:
  • When we were doing family photos I called out a few names and John said, "News team! Assemble!" A memorable quote Ron Burgundy says in Anchorman...made my heart happy.
  • Amanda had so many bugs stuck in the layers of her dress. She said, "I have every bug in Prosser in my dress." :) 
We had such a wonderful time capturing Amanda and John's wedding day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Zabell! 

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