Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Naches Wedding at American Homestead // Nakota + Jesse Chavez

Rose and Green Wedding

Rhiann and Haley photographed this wedding at American Homestead in Naches on June 16th. Nakota and Jesse were surrounded by their loving family and friends as they joined together as one. After dating for 9 years it was finally time to seal the deal! They have the cutest 1 year old daughter, Amiya, who was one of the flower girls. Nikole, her niece and age 10, was a junior flower girl. Elly and Viviana, both age 7, and Davenie, age 2, who are all her nieces, were also flower girls. They were so pretty! Jayden, age 4, and Adrian, age 2, both nephews, were the ring bearers. As you can probably tell by now, Nakota and Jesse are all about family :) To put it into perspective, we did an all inclusive family portrait during the reception. We noticed there were only about 10 people left in the building during this! :)

Photographing the bridal party was very entertaining. There was a total of 20 people. So we had lots to work with! Not to mention the rad rain happening...luckily everyone kept cheerful spirits and made the most of our situation! Nakota and Jesse were not shy of love and support from their dear friends.

Kerri from Kerri's Cakes made a beautiful cake. It was very yummy! The cake must have given everyone a sugar rush (maybe the alcoholic beverages helped too...!), because people were being thrown in the air left and right! Pretty sure Jesse had his feet in the air more than on the ground throughout the course of the reception. Even the children were being tossed in the air!

They danced the La Vibora De La Mar, which is a snake like dance where the couple starts on chairs and attempts to not get knocked over. It got pretty rowdy, especially when the boys went! Traditionally, they throw the groom in the air after this dance, then take him away, strip him of his clothes, bring his clothes back to the Bride, and she has to find them. He got away only losing his socks and shoes.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Chavez!

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This Couple's Naches Wedding Vendors:
 Naches Ceremony & Reception Venue: American Homestead
Photographer: Memory Montage Photography
Flowers: Donnie from Bella Fiore Floral
Wedding Dress: Bridal Collections
Cake: Kerri's Cakes
Catering: Cascade Catering

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